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Building A Better Esports Ecosystem

At Esports Consulting, we are passionate about shaping the future of esports and believe in investing strategically to build a solid infrastructure that supports sustainable growth. Our investment philosophy revolves around four key pillars: technology, community, events, and people.

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As the backbone of esports, we prioritize investments in cutting-edge technology that enhances gameplay, broadens accessibility, and provides immersive experiences for players and fans alike.

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From supporting the creation of local esports clubs and online platforms, to facilitating community events and tournaments, we invest into innovative gaming communities looking to push the boundaries.

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We invest in companies that specialize in event organization, providing the stage for esports to shine - specifically those who are looking to bring the magic of esports to new places.

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We work with founders and entrepreneurs who have early stage ideas and who are passionate about their dreams. We are not only investors but true partners to bring their vision to life.

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Experienced Esports Leadership

Esports Consulting is the brain child of Han Park and draws on his extensive knowledge in venture capital, private equity, and startup operations. Han is also an influential figure in the esports world with a professional background extending over 25 years.

In 2006, Han co-founded the ESS Agency, leveraging his experience at Samsung America to provide innovative solutions to the esports industry. The company's success led to its acquisition by Turtle Entertainment, where Han became President of its American branch. He managed the Electronic Sports League's North American operations, broadcasts, and events, boosting its presence across the region.

In July of 2015, ESL was acquired by Modern Times Group (MTG), a leading Swedish digital entertainment company, for $86 million - a watershed moment for the esports industry. ESL was subsequently merged with FACEIT to form EFG and acquired by Savvy Gaming, a wholly owned subsidiary of Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund, in the largest esports transaction to date.

Han is also the founder and CEO of Payment Labs. Here, he developed an automated system to organize prize payments, navigating complex issues such as cross border transactions and data privacy.

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